Hyperspectral Imaging


The FX-series is the answer to your needs:

  • extremely easy to configure
  • affordable
  • simple to maintain
  • easy to service

With complete solutions such as classification software, light sources and automized scanners SpectraPartners offers tailor made solutions to suit your demanding requirements. If required we can assist you providing initial tests on our demo systems in our Haarlem office or even in your own facility!



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The line imaging push-broom is the only suitable technology for getting reliable classification results in all industrial on-line applications. Due to their non-comparable spectral purity in each spatial pixel, the Specim FX series cameras give perfectly co-registered results so that all spectral bands are measured simultaneously and from the exact same place. The FX series offers you a fast and flexible plug’n play solution where the measurements results are stable and reliable.

In case you require a tailor made solution SpectraPartners offer a complete line of fully automized scanners carefully tuned with the FX series cameras to control the hyper spectral camera and to generate the hyper spectral data cube with just one press of your fingertip.  Small table top scanners to large laboratory scanners with a scanning area of 50 * 100 cm (or even larger if required) are part of our standard offerings.
Ofcourse different hyper spectral cameras can be used in combination with these scanners to cover a wide spectral range starting at 0,4 µm to 12 µm in the LWIR range.

Having a high quality hyper spectral camera only does not solve your measurement requirement. For a successful integration into your production line, special light sources are required.  Over the past years we have developed different type of light sources to cover the range of our hyper spectral cameras. From LED, low-heat SWIR sources to large MWIR light sources:  we create the perfect lighting condition to your requirement.

We offer extremely versatile software solutions from the basic cameras SDK software to an amazing hyper spectral analysing software suite for multivariate image and classification/ quantification (such as PCA, PLS, PLS-DA) from Prediktera AB. This flexible and powerful technology can be applied for research and routine analysis applications in laboratories or production and it has found applications in many different areas such as food, agriculture, plastics, forensics and pharmaceuticals.

Being the exclusive Specim distributor for the BeNeLux region we offer the full product portofolio of Specim Hyper Spectral Cameras:  from basic spectrographs to high tech remote sensing cameras, each are equipped with high quality tele centric lenses. For drone applications we offer the AISA Kestrel series hyper spectral cameras with unmatched spatial and spectral resolution.

If the FX series does not match your requirements to its full extend we offer alternative hyper spectral cameras for the following wavelength ranges:

  • 0,4 –  1    µm (VNIR)
  • 0,9 –  1,7 µm (NIR)
  • 1      2,5 µm (SWIR)
  • 3      5 µm (MWIR)
  • 8    – 12 µm (LWIR)


Please challenge us by describing your application and requirements or request a demonstration of our camera and scanner combination!



NIR (935 – 1700nm)

SPECIM <span>FX17</span>
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  • Spectral Range935–1700nm
  • Spectral Bands224
  • Spectral FWHM8 nm
  • Spatial Sampling640 px
  • Frame Rate670 FPS full Frame
    FX17E 630 FPS full Frame
  • FOV38 ̊
  • F-numberF/1.7
  • Camera SNR (Peak)1000:1
  • Camera InterfaceCameraLink or GigE Vision
  • Dimensions150 x 85 x 75 mm
  • Weight1.56 kg
  • Integrated shutter


VNIR (400–1000 nm)

SPECIM <span>FX10</span>
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  • Spectral Range400-1000 nm
  • Spectral Bands224
  • Spectral FWHM5.5 nm
  • Spatial Sampling1024 px
  • Frame Rate330 FPS full Frame
    FX10E 320 full Frame
  • FOV38 ̊
  • F-numberF/1.7
  • Camera SNR (Peak)600:1
  • Camera InterfaceCameraLink or GigE Vision
  • Dimensions150 x 85 x 71 mm
  • Weight1.26 kg
  • Integrated shutter and
    order blocking filter

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